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A restaurant marketing agency in London with years of hospitality experience

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about us

We've been launching and growing exciting restaurants and bars since 2016

our success

Figures to get your teeth into

>1 Million
Brand Exposures

Generated for Flour & Grape in the last 10 months

Increase in Brand Exposures

Generated for Indian Accent across social over a 90-day campaign period

Increase in Revenue

For La Tagliata from a targeted digital campaign

Booking Clicks

Generated per month for The Other Naughty Piglet from a targeted ads campaign

Increase in Lunch Trade

For Indian Accent London thanks to a comprehensive digital campaign

7.2 Million
Social Impressions

For Acroterium in 12 months from a starting point of 0

Brands our Restaurant Social Strategy 'First-Class'

Alongside teams at Sketch, Nando's, Leon, and Chipotle


A hands-on partnership that keeps you in the loop every step of the way

We see our clients as partners rather than numbers on a spreadsheet. We work in tandem to drive your restaurant or bar forward and help you become a success

Unlike other restaurant marketing agencies, we don't check in once a month and then leave you to your own devices. You can contact us any time, we have dedicated WhatsApp groups for questions and concerns, and we meet regularly to discuss what's been happening and what we can do even better

We set clear KPIs, report progress weekly, and help you understand more about your business so you can position for greatness

case study

We grew Flour & Grape to over 1 million brand exposures

Maade launched Flour & Grape on social media and grew the brand from 0 to over 1 million brand impressions and a reach of over 600,000 individuals year-to-date

Maade creates stunning and engaging content, targeted social media comms, and forms strategic influencer partnerships to generate huge levels of reach for this local independent restaurant

Thanks to its outstanding food and targeted social media strategy, Flour & Grape is a hot commodity with more demand than ever before

our ethos

Offering affordable and effective digital and social media marketing that gets results

We aren't like other hospitality marketing agencies that nickel and dime you. Instead, we provide value well above our charge rate. Our campaigns generate returns and help your business grow

Restaurant marketing can be tricky, but we make it easy. Our reports are easy to understand and our work speaks for itself

Outstanding Content
Precision Targeting
Affordable Campaigns
Zero Rubbish
content creation

We produce award-winning images and outstanding videos


Our photos are beautiful and show off your brand like never before


Comprehensive copy that makes for great SEO


Stunning videos optimised for social or web

in house

For years we've been delivering outstanding full-service projects
to clients in London and abroad

Full-service and end-to-end

Maade is a full-service hospitality marketing agency that manages projects end-to-end to ensure the best result.

We coordinate campaigns across social and maximise the impact of photo and video content to drive engagements, sales, bookings, and more.

Our bar and restaurant marketing campaigns are led by an experienced team with a track record of success. Managing projects from start to finish allows us to respond to challenges, improve performance, and iterate on past success.

Our work drives brands and creates value for you and your customers.


We've worked with some of the
best in the business

We were extremely proud to have helped support Badiani 1932 throughout lockdown

We're excited to be managing The Sea, The Sea's marketing and content creation

An exciting partnership with an inventive Italian

A new and prestigious client partnership

case study - Indian Accent London

A >50% Increase in Lunch Trade as a Result of a >500,000 Increase in Brand Exposures

We ran a targeted and strategic social campaign for Indian Accent London to increase their lunch trade and brand recognition. Frequent and highly engaging posting driven by high quality content led to a more than 500,000 increase in brand exposures and a >50% increase in lunch trade

what we do

Whether you're looking for something simple
or the full works, we can help

Social Media

Content Creation

Beautiful photo and video content to show off your

Social Strategy

Get the final looks for your website unlimited revisions.

Social Advertising

Get the final looks for your website unlimited revisions.

Content Creation


Get stunning photography that shows off your dishes, products, or service


Tell your story through carefully-crafted video that captures attention

Social Optimised

Social rules and all of our content is optimised for engagement and shares

Email Marketing

Template Design

Communicate in style with beautifully designed emails

Campaign Execution

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time

Data Analytics

Understand how email marketing drives conversions

Launch Campaign


Craft a winning plan for launch that gets you the exposure you deserve


Combine photo, video, influencer campaigns, and advertising


Launch right and launch well with targeted campaigns

Want something not on the list? Get in touch and we can create a bespoke marketing package just for you


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London's best food and restaurant photographers

The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

We're thrilled to be named a top Facebook marketing agency by SocialAppsHQ

Econsultancy Brands Our Work 'First-Class'

We're thrilled to be recognised by Econsultancy for our work for The Other Naughty Piglet


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