The Best Food Photographers in London

London's best food and restaurant photographers for 2022

Do you need professional food photography for your business? London has some of the best photographers in the business. They will come to your location, cook up a storm, and take photos with an expert eye for detail. These skilled professionals are experts at making dishes look mouth-watering delicious!

We've rounded up some of the very best restaurant, food, and drinks photographers in the city to help you choose.

Best Food Photographers in London

Matthew Rose

An experienced food, restaurant, and drinks photographer. Matthew Rose has a broad client list ranging from independent restaurants like The Sea, The Sea to international names like Indian Accent. With almost a decade of experience shooting for fine dining, casual takeout, and everything in between, Matthew is a reliable and highly-effective photographer.

Check his website out here

Jodi Hinds

Jodi Hinds is a food photographer working with brands, retailers and restaurateurs. Jodi has worked on numerous cookbooks and publications, narrating food stories and documenting the artistry of the chef behind each dish. Her work reveals a love of texture and form, a celebration of good food and rigorous attention to detail.

View her website here

Catherine Frawley

Catherine Frawley won an award, at the Pink Lady Food Photography awards 2015 (finalist), 2016 & 2017 (M&S Food Portraiture) and had four nominations in the Pinterest Food Awards 2017. She works with brands such as SOHO house, Sainsburys, Tesco, and Co-op.

View her website here

Stuart West

Stuart West is a London-based highly acclaimed food photographer, with a passion for both food and photography, his fully equipped studio is located in Camden where he has been based for over 15 years. He has worked with Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's and other leading brands.

View his website here

Danielle Wood

Danielle is one of London’s leading food photographers. A London based food photographer specialising in food advertising, packaging, commercial & editorial food photography. Shooting from her London studio in Brixton. Recent commissions include content for Olam International annual report and social media,  Point of Sale Advertising for Marks & Spencer and new Home Baking packaging for Marks and Spencer.

View her website here

Adrian Lawrence

Adrian is one of London’s leading food photographers and Directors. A London based food photographer specialising in food advertising, packaging for leading food brands, commercial and editorial food photography. Clients include - Peters Yard, M&S, Tesco, Nespresso, Kenwood , SimplyCook, Kingsmill

View his website here

Ben Monk

London based food photographer working with some of the biggest commercial names, producing elegant, bold and graphic images.

View his website here

Jamie Lau

Jamie spends his days buzzing between restaurants, homes & kitchens, florists and his studio photographing food, drinks, portraits, interiors and florals. With a flair for composition and light Jamie creates handsomely appealing images documenting people, places and the food and drink they produce.

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