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Pancake Week Campaign

The Pear Tree Kitchen
Pancake Week Campaign

The Pear Tree Kitchen is well-known for their amazing selection of pancakes - both sweet and savoury - so in 2022 pancake day morphed into pancake week. This presented a challenge as demand for pancake day at the Pear Tree had been historically very high but it was unsure if that demand could be stretched from one day to a week...

To guarantee success of the pancake week, we designed a targeted and high-impact campaign using photography, grahics, paid, and organic social.

With bespoke content created to highlight the dates and the focus of the week, we tapped into audiences of existing brand advocates and past guests to raise awareness of the pancake week and drive advance reservations and spontaneous visits.

The 7 days before the pancake week launch we teased exciting announcements that were coming soon - including the return of fan favourite dishes - to build hype and excitement.

Then, throughout the pancake week we ran targeted social ads and saturated The Pear Tree's accounts with postings about the event.

The Result

The highest week's sales ever.

A lift in impressions of 397% and a lift in reach of 482%.

When compared to London-wide dining data from OpenTable, restaurant bookings across the city were down as much as -34.51% on 2019 numbers.

For the Pear Tree to have had the highest ever sales numbers in their 6 year history shows the impact the pancake week campaign had.

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