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Flour & Grape

Combining eye-catching content with crowd pleasing social media to drive queues and rave reviews

Flour & Grape
Tools Used:
Photo, Video, Web Design, Social Media
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Flour & Grape is a casual pasta and wine bar restaurant in Bermondsey. Opened on the site of an existing pasta restaurant by the same team, the casual dining bar responded to market changes that sought a more relaxed neighbourhood dining establishment. The existing restaurant had cemented itself as a local go-to and had a high level of local recognition and support. The owner wanted to relaunch as a new brand with a new concept and new offering and broaden interest in the restaurant beyond the immediate area and establish the brand as a high-quality pasta offering in London.

To launch Flour & Grape as a distinct and separate brand with a new identity and offering and to launch to a highly-targeted market to expand the restaurant’s awareness beyond the local neighbourhood.

To launch social media channels with diverse photo and video content to show the restaurant’s unique offering, in-house pasta making capabilities, and diverse wine list

- Creation of photo and video content to showcase dishes, wines, and artisanal nature of the restaurant

- Social media outreach to engage with community of Italian food lovers within London - Partnership with social media influencers to raise the profile of the restaurant

- Tens of thousands of organic exposures across social media
- Collaboration with high profile influencers to generate widened exposure from trusted sources
- Establishment of a very tight-knit community of individuals and brand advocates who helped amplify content and introduce the brand to a wider audience

Long term result:
- Very well established within the London foodie community
- An incredibly strong social media audience of dedicated individuals who cheer each new dish and amplify all new announcements to the wider foodie community
- Queues of individuals outside the restaurant every evening

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Generated for Flour & Grape in the last 10 months

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Generated for Indian Accent across social over a 90-day campaign period

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For La Tagliata from a targeted digital campaign

Booking Clicks

Generated per month for The Other Naughty Piglet from a targeted ads campaign

Increase in Lunch Trade

For Indian Accent London thanks to a comprehensive digital campaign

7.2 Million
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For Acroterium in 12 months from a starting point of 0

Brands our Restaurant Social Strategy 'First-Class'

Alongside teams at Sketch, Nando's, Leon, and Chipotle

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