La Tagliata

La Tagliata
Tools Used:
Social Media, Photo, Video, Web Design, Outreach
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Tools Used:
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From an out-dated digital presence to a full-fledged modern brand

La Tagliata is an upscale Italian restaurant near Liverpool St station catering to an affluent clientele with high levels of disposable income. Established for several years before working with Maade, La Tagliata had gained a reasonable reputation within the local community but was looking to widen this and enhance their recognition, partnerships with local businesses, and ability to attract regular trade from nearby banks and financial institutions.

La Tagliata had a limited social media presence, very outdated website, and no marketing experience.

Implement a wide-ranging marketing campaign, redesigned website, and comprehensive local business outreach plan to increase business trade and raise profile in the local area and throughout London

- Increase local SERPs
- Improve the number and quality of restaurant reviews on Google - Re-engage past customers with email newsletters and outreach
- Establish a strong, yet targeted, social media presence
- Increase business revenue

- Total website redesign with on-page SEO to increase local SERPs
- Implementation of an email follow-up campaign to contact recent diners and encourage Google reviews
- Monthly newsletter with offers
- Social media outreach campaigns, photo and video content creation
- Influencer collaborations and invitations
- Introduce a local business outreach and partnership scheme to raise awareness within the local business community and encourage the booking of business lunches and dinners

- 45% increase in monthly revenue
- 36 place increase in key SERPs
- Establishment of key partnerships with local businesses which fed long-term bookings

Long term result:
- Expansion to a second restaurant site and opening of the first La Tagliata wine bar - Consistent month-on-month growth in revenue
- City-wide recognition

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>1 Million
Brand Exposures

Generated for Flour & Grape in the last 10 months

Increase in Brand Exposures

Generated for Indian Accent across social over a 90-day campaign period

Increase in Revenue

For La Tagliata from a targeted digital campaign

Booking Clicks

Generated per month for The Other Naughty Piglet from a targeted ads campaign

Increase in Lunch Trade

For Indian Accent London thanks to a comprehensive digital campaign

7.2 Million
Social Impressions

For Acroterium in 12 months from a starting point of 0

Brands our Restaurant Social Strategy 'First-Class'

Alongside teams at Sketch, Nando's, Leon, and Chipotle

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