The Other Naughty Piglet

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The Other Naughty Piglet

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The Other Naughty Piglet
Social Advertising, Content Creation
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Social Advertising, Photography
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A need for a more stable lunch service drove The Other Naughty Piglet to contract Maade to establish a localised social ad campaign. With a small advertising spend, Maade dramatically increased local awareness and booking clicks.

The Other Naughty Piglet is a casual European restaurant on the first floor of The Other Palace Theatre in London. As the restaurant is inside a theatre it benefited from strong evening trade as a result of a high demand for pre-theatre dinners. Lunch services were less consistent and in need of improvement. The Other Naughty Piglet had a small and amateur social media presence, a sub optimised website, and no social ads experience.

The restaurant's inconsistent lunch services were holding it back and a newly introduced set lunch menu needed to be amplified to the surrounding community.


To increase consistency of lunch trade through social media advertising


Using a combination of photo and video content and highly targeted social advertising, we implemented a comprehensive campaign that drew on The Other Naughty Piglet's best assets. A well-priced set lunch menu offered an engaging hook that drove significant interest and engagement.

Repackaged photo and video content combined social optimisation with precise targeting to leverage responsive individuals and drive bookings.

Our advertising made use of key data sets and audiences that provide low costs per click, high conversion rates, and repeat bookings.

Maade's award-winning content creation led to highly engaging advertising that drove significant interaction.


A tiny £100 ad budget generated hundreds of booking clicks and an inconsistent service was made consistent.

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7.2 Million
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